Our Mission

We are honest with each other about our abilities, our capacities, our mistakes, our intentions, and our concerns and we do not judge or censure others for this.

We provide the right support so that no one is setup for failure. We see each other as fellow human beings, and strive for positive interactions, supporting each other in an atmosphere of decency.

We avoid becoming attached to a single idea. Journeys start with assumptions but never end there, so each should be tested. We believe that this fosters innovation, and by iterating we will improve.

We take the time to be crystal clear on our accountabilities and responsibilities. We take initiative, and care deeply about the outcome.

We love what we do and strive for excellence and quality. We believe in what we do, otherwise we would not be doing it.


Experience and expertise to deliver the right thing done right

Audra’s integrated product suite provide a single, in-house data solution that supports the employee through their full lifecycle at the company

  • Sunny Gambhir

    Founder and Designer-in-Chief
  • Konstantin Demishev

  • Ivan Myronov

    Head of Technology
  • Anthony Chase

    Head of Business Development

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Sunny Gambhir

Founder and Designer-in-Chief